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The Culture Centre in Zwoleń was established by Resolution of the National Council of Cities and Municipalities on November 20, 1985. In this way the long-standing demands of the inhabitants of Zwoleń were completed.

The Culture Centre is a cultural and educational institution addressing its activity to the entire local environment, therefore,  to the people of various ages and professional groups.

Main directions in cultural and educational work:

– cooperation and collaboration with schools, parents, community organizations, associations and the church in the process of cultural and patriotic education of children and young people:

– building   interest, cultural needs and shaping the attitude of active participation in the culture of the inhabitants of cities and villages (whole commune):

– cultural, educational and patriotic  tradition heritage preservation and cultural support for  environmental initiatives.

– popularization and promotion of local culture in our country and abroad.

Over the past 20 years the institution was in charge of the following persons: Wacław Małek, Elżbieta Nowakowska, and currently Natalia Anna Wieczerzyńska. Over the period of one year the Culture Centre is an organizer, co-organiser and the host of about 300: celebrations, concerts, artistic  events, entertainment and tourist events, meetings, seminars, presentations of various kinds, festivals, theatre performances, film screenings in various techniques, previews of exhibitions, contests and happenings.

The biggest cultural event is „Imieniny Pana Jana”,  which already has its tradition and has been organized since 1979. This event is dedicated to the poetry of Jan Kochanowski- Renaissance Poetry master. In addition to this, the Culture Centre is organizing events that have already become a tradition: Christmas traditions, Easter customs, Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy), Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day – a review of artistic groups from The Community Centre, The Birth of Our Town, Qualification to the National Recitation Contest, National Art Competition entitled „Świat Jana Kochanowskiego”, Mazowiecki Literary Contest on the epigram “About the statue of Jan Kochanowski”, Zwoleń’s TEATRAŁKI,  The Evening of Poetry  “Dedicated to Jan Kochanowski – my contemporaries”, “Folklore Meetings of European Cultures in the Land of Jan Kochanowski”, National Photographic Competition PHOTO SUMMER, Overview of the Pilgrimage Songs “On the pilgrim route,” Feast of Folk Storytellers, Poets and Singers, Sweet St. Claus Day, District Review of Creativity “Children for Children”, District Festival of Tourism and Ecological Song, Overview of the Senior Club artistic achievements of Radom, Authors and Literary evenings, outdoor photography “Ground of Jan Kochanowski in photography, artistic “Charming place” and sculptural “Jan Kochanowski in folk sculpture – Inspirations “. Festivals: “Children’s Day”, holiday family feast. Openings of exhibitions in the galleries: Gallery of Photography and Visual Arts, the Little Gallery and The Outdoor Gallery in gardens of the Culture Centre.


The team of Culture Centre

Natalia Anna Wieczerzyńska- the director

Ryszard Krawczyk- IT instructor

Ewa Bulzacka- administrative and office worker, theatre instructor

Robert Kusio- acoustic specialist,

Joanna Tęcza- folklore instructor

Michał Tęcza- music instructor

Waldemar Gołdziński- arts and photography instructor

Krzysztof Małek- theatre instructor

Piotr Markowski- vocal instructor

Jolanta Zagożdżon- chief accountant

Stanisław Musielewicz- repairman

Piotr Bąbolewski- conductor of the Youth Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń

Tomasz Chwaliński- parade drill instructor

Tomasz Chowiera- bass instruments instructor



Urszula Bronisz – Aerobics instructor

Magdalena Urbas – ROCKSTEEP Dance Group

Aneta Adamiec – JANET Dance Group

Margaret Wlazłowicz – Ballroom Dancing

Halina Koryńska – Yoga


Work Plan of the Culture  Centre


Weekly classes schedule in the Culture Centre

Activity Report 2014

Composition of the Social Programme Council


The work plan for the Culture Centre is approved by Social Programme Council. The Council consists of the headmasters or representatives of schools, institutions and social organizations and representatives of local authorities. The Council is appointed for four years terms of office. Council appoints the Presidium of the Council from among its members. The Council Presidium shall elect a chairman, deputy and secretary.

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