Youth Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń

The Brass Band of the City was established in 1992. It consisted of 17 people of all ages. The first concert under the baton of bandmaster Aleksander Nadolski took place in December of the same year during the midnight mass.

The orchestra under the direction of Aleksander Nadolski has had considerable achievements: in 1996 they received the award at the Regional Brass Band Review in Radom. In the years 1997 and 1998 in Mogilev in Belarus during V and VI of the International Music Festival of Spiritual and Religious Song they were awarded the title of Honorary Laureate of the Festival. They participated in the eighth and ninth National Radio Maryja pilgrimage to Jasna Góra.

Since December 2004, the conductor of the MOD has been Piotr Bąbolewski. The orchestra has changed its composition and increased up to 45 children and young people and a dozen or so people preparing themselves musically to the composition of the fund in the future. 20 new instruments were purchased  for children and adolescents and new costumes were made. MOD was and is a group that graces nearly all the festivities in our city and county and promotes its region across the country. Currently, the conductor, Piotr Bąbolewski, who also leads classes of learning how to play in the sections on woodwind orchestra support: Tomasz Chwaliński – leading individual lessons brass instruments and parade drills and Tomasz Chowiera –working with the sections. Monika Bąbolewska also gives music lessons socially.

The present times place  new challenges  before the young musicians and the group has to constantly develop and improve their skills, expression of which is the introduction of parade drill and participation of majoretki and tamburmajorki.

Every year, the orchestra presents its achievements for Brass Bands in Szydłowiec. Every year, they also participate in the  training and recreation workshops organized in various parts of  Poland, there they can perfect their technique and   on musical concerts which were held already in cities such as: Warszawa, Zakopane, Wadowice, Andrychów, Zamość, Białka Tatrzańska, Korczyn, Kozłówka, Puławy, Stężyca , Sztutowo, Władysławowo, Puck, Hel, Gdańsk, Wejherowo, Licheń, Krynica Górska, Starosiele, Bardo Śląskie, Krynica Morska – Tupadły, Rastede, Inowrocław .

In 2009, the Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń took the second place in the Tournament of Brass Bands of the “Bełżyce fujara”, which was organized by the city Belzyce in Lublin province.

The year 2010 brought  GREAT SUCCESS! Youth Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń was the winner of the European Championship in Rastede – Germany. The championship took place on July 2-4 and it was attended by 103 orchestras from all over Europe and even the orchestra from South Africa (a total of about 4500 thousand musicians). It was – in the words of the organizers- the largest festival so far.

In connection  to the participation in the festival the Zwoleń Orchestra  took the name change for the youth. That trip for our orchestra was the real debut – they had never participated in an international review of this caliber. It was the first time they went to the European Championships in Germany. Young musicians harbored no stage fright and concern as they fall in international forums. Zwoleń Orchestra was evaluated by an international jury of judges from Canada, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. It competed in three categories: in the category Marching-Parade (parade), in the category of Group Show (ceremonial drill) and category Marschbewerhung (march vote yet). In all three categories, they won silver medals. After obtaining marks for drill parade the band, as the only Polish orchestra, entered  the final. In Rastede it managed to win the cup as the sixth best  orchestra in Europe  for the drill parade. Total debut proved a great artistic achievement. And the youth ??? Such a disciplined orchestra was not known to teachers before. During the competition there was a big mobilization and force that pushed for victory. All the elements of the drill were performed  straight and perfectly, it did not differ much  from more experienced orchestras. Young people felt the spirit – they left  Zwoleń with complete lack of faith in their abilities and skills and came back as a winner of the European Championship.

After Rastede another success of the Youth Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń occured on the XXXIX National Festival of Youth Brass Bands in Inowrocław – the most prestigious event of this sort in Poland, which took place on 03-05.06.2011. The festival was attended by 11 of the best youth orchestras from Poland. Part of the competition took place on Friday and the festival participants were evaluated by the Jury: Zbigniew Kuś – president of the Polish branch of the International Military Music Society, Lt. Col. Paul Lewandowski – Inspector orchestras of the Polish Army, Orlin Bebenow – composer, vice president of PZChiO, choir director of Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz. The Youth Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń won third place in Poland for the drill parade !! It was a debut on the Polish championship. The orchestra was among the best youth organizations in the country. It was not the end of joy because Angelika Toporek won the individual award- for the best tamburmajor (during the festival she would throw the baton almost above the clouds) and Daria Wątorska – 10-year-old singer, who during the laureate concert, accompanied by 600-person  orchestra, performed the song  „Być kobietą”. Only 15 votes decided on losing in competition with the orchestra of Kleszczowa, the festival’s audience award. With XXXIX OFMOD in Inowrocław, the Zwoleń Orchestra brought the trophy for winning the third place that stood on display next to the silver medals won at the European Championships in Germany.

Under the activity of 413,  the implementation of local development strategies for small projects, the Culture Centre in Zwoleń submitted an application called “The increase  of  attractiveness of events organized in the LGD by equipping it in the missing instruments for the Youth Brass Band of the City of Zwoleń.”

Thanks to the funding the Band received 9 instruments (tenor saxophone – 2 pcs; alto saxophone – 3 pieces; clarinet – 2 pcs; the snare of the sling and Timp Tom 1pc – 1pc).

The purchased instruments are very useful for  children and young people from our city who are musically talented  while spending their free time and they contribute to a change towards musical interests. In this way, the composition of our orchestra  has been enlarged which contributed to the promotion of our region and enriched the attractiveness of the cultural events organized in the LGD.

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