Rhythm and folklore group

Children’s rhythm and folklore group in the Culture Centre in Zwoleń was founded in 1984. The first group consisted of children from classes III from the Primary School in Zwoleń. There were 8 girls and 8 boys. Over the years, the children were changing.  The main performances are “Midsummer” in Kłudź  Solec by the Vistula in 1984. Performance for the museum workers – exit from 16 countries in Radom Village Museum – 1986 Concert for delegation from Wolmirstad (GDR) 1988.

Through the years, a group of children has  participated  in the ceremonies such as: Imieniny Pana Jana in Zwoleń, Review of Folk Bands and Ensembles Stylized of the name of  Derleta in Szydłowiec, the Regional Review of Folk Bands presenting the customs and rituals in Zaborowie, Creative Communities Club “Łaźnia” in Radom presenting carolers, Szczodroków, Gaik, Cockerel, Kusoks, Sobotka, the district and provincial harvest festival. The Feast of Folk Storytellers, Poets and Singers in Zwoleń.

The Sweet St. Claus Day in Zwoleń. The Diocesan Review of Folk Bands and Ensembles in Zakrzewo. On Palm Sunday at the Museum of the village of Radom. The Easter bazaar in Szydłowiec. On Grandma and Grandpa Day in Zwoleń. The festival “Apple, pepper, honey.” In the Parliament of Rural Teams Theatre in Tarnogrod. In Regional Competition of Traditional Dance Wieniawa. The Festival of Christmas Carols in Radom. The Review of Children Art in Lipsk. In the “Mazowieckie Climates” in Warsaw. The National Survey of Children’s Creativity “Children in folklore” in Baranow Sandomierski. The Municipal Cultural Centre “Amphitheatre” in Radom at so called  folklore lessons.

In the repertoire of this group there are customs and rituals throughout the calendar year at home, in the family, at the farm. Walking with a star, on the szczodroki, śmigus dyngus, madder, on the kusok, in środopoście and other related customs of the region.

In 2008, the group won the main prize in the category of ceremonial groups at the XVI National Festival of Folk Creativity of Children “Children in folklore” in Baranów Sandomierski.

Children present themselves in regional costumes according to a given  rite or custom.

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