Computer Club

Computer Club was formed in the Culture Centre in 1986. We started working on eight-bit Atari 800 computers. Subsequently we obtained Timex 2048 SVI Schneider 730 and Article 6128.

The great achievement was the appearance of the Commodore Amiga Computer Club 1200. Within that time we also managed to get  a PC with a Pentium 120. Those days this really  was a revelation to have it. In 1996 we obtained also a first modem and along with it- access to the Internet.

In 2005, the Educational Association Sycyna sent us 2 computers. All computers are connected to a fixed connection to the Internet. They are used not only by members of the Club, but also by other people who want to surf the web or write and print a document.

But the most popular are computer games. There are also users of Gadu-Gadu and instant messaging through Skype.

The Culture Centre in Zwoleń expands its offer in this area. On the May,9 2011  public computer center commenced its operations.

The Culture Centre in Zwoleń received funding for the purchase of computers by the Association HERITAGE AND DEVELOPMENT implementing the project Axis 4 Leader of the RDP 2007-2013, Measure 413 Implementing local development strategies in terms of 15.2.1. Sharing and computer equipment including facilities and equipment to enable access to the Internet.

For all those who were interested in the offer 5 positions with access to the Internet were available. Every day it is possible to use them by users of all ages, not just children or teenagers, but also older residents, for example by the Third Age University students.

According to its assumptions  the new opportunities  of Zwoleń Culture Centre will be used for social and professional residents as well as for the promotion of rural values and cultural events, entertainment and sports in 11 municipalities included in the LGD. In this way, the residents will also have easier access to information on learning opportunities, possibilities of support for entrepreneurs and successful job search.

With computers and the Internet at the Culture Centre in Zwoleń can be used on weekdays between 7.30 am and 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.

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