In 2011, the Culture Centre in Zwoleń has expanded its range of activities by offering hatha yoga to interested people. Classes are conducted  by Halina Koryńska from Kozienice, a skilled champion in this field. The programme of yoga consists of: warm-up exercises (asanas) for beginners, science concentration, learning relaxation breathing exercises – asanas silencing at the end of the course. Yoga is a system of psychosomatic exercises, working on the body, but also silencing emotional tension. By combining the movement of careful observation, concentration and breathing,  exercises of yoga gently tone the muscles, cleanse and improve the joints and calm the mind. Like all the physical exercises, those also model fitting to affect improvement of blood circulation, thus increasing the overall performance of the organism.

Classes are currently being held in two age groups and lasts depending on the group: 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

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