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We invite you for presenting our collection of exhibitions in Your Culture centers, art galleries or places that  fit  this type of action. After getting acquainted with our offer, please determine the date and terms in advance.


Culture Centre in Zwolen announces that it is the owner of several collections of art and photographic exhibitions:


  1. Post-contest exhibition : World of Jan Kochanowski “. The collection arises from the organization of the contest under the same name.

National Polish Competition  “World of Jan Kochanowski is held under the patronage of the Governor of Mazowieckie Vojevoda and the Mayor of Zwolen. The ideas of the Renaissance, the various stages of the poet’s life – the period of university studies (many trips), the royal period (life at the royal court), the period at Czarnolas (work and family life) were the inspiration for the creators of the presented works.

Works made with the use of different techniques are submitted for the contest: drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture and crafts.

At the present time collection consists of 54 works.

The presented works.

  • Urszula Bednik

“A jeśli Polska Orszulo” – mixed technique – dim. 24.5 × 30.5 cm.

  • Maria Bobrowska

“Staw” – oil on canvas – dim. 47.5 × 63 cm

  • Krzysztof Fidor

“Jan Kochanowski” – bas-relief, wax – dim. 12.5 × 18.5 cm (honorable mention in 2003).

“Jan Kochanowski” – bas-relief wood – dim. 12.5 × 15.5 cm.

  • Anna Gołdzińska

„Niezwykłym i nie lada piórem opatrzony” – oil on canvas – dim. 84 × 115 cm

(II prize in 2008)

  • Ewa Gołdzińska

From the cycle “Muzy Jana Kochanowskiego” – pastel – dim. 40 × 50 cm.

(I prize in 2002).

“Krypta Jana Kochanowskiego” “Jan Kochanowski”

– Crayon – dim. 50 × 70 cm.

(II prize in 2003).

  • Benedykt Janaszek

Czarnoleska Pieta “- sculpture – dim. 30x20x65 cm.

(Zwolen Mayor’s Award in 2006).

  • Edyta Jaworska

“Czarnolas” – oil on canvas – dim. 28.5 × 43 cm


„Świat Jana Kochanowskiego” – oil on canvas – dim. cm

  • Janusz Karaś

„Jan Kochanowska na Akademii w Padwie” – oil on canvas – dim. 74 × 63 cm.

(II prize in 2005).

„Jan Kochanowski na Wawelu” – oil on canvas – dim. 74 × 60 cm

(II prize in 2005).

  • Dorota Kowalik-Nienartowicz

Triptych – fabric – 40 x 80 cm

(I prize in 2000).

  • Iwa Kruczkowska

„Epitafium dla Orszulki” –

(honorable mention in 2004).

  • Robert Kusio

„Dwór Kocha

„Dwór Kochanowskich w Sycynie” ceramics – dim. 22x15x15 cm

(awarded in 2001).

  • Joanna Kwiecińska

„Wieczne trwanie” – – dim. 50 x 70 cm

(III prize in 2005).

  • Edward Łagowski

„Postać poety” – sculpture, bronze patinated cast – dim. 12 × 21 cm.

  • Genowefa Łukaska



„Czarnolas z fraszką” – mixed technique – dim. 30 × 40 cm.

(IV prize in 2004).

  • Grzegorz Matyja

„Jan Kochanowski w Czarnolesie” – monotype – dim. 38 × 55 cm

(III prize in 2000).

“Impresje Czarnoleskie” – – wym. 43×60 cm.
(III nagroda w 2002 r.)

“Śladami poety” – olej płyta – wym. 59×70 cm.
(III nagroda w 2008 r.)

  • Monika Mazur

* * * – olej, płótno – wym.61×75 cm.
(wyróżnienie w 2000 r.)

* * * – obraz na szkle – wym. 37×55 cm.
(wyróżnienie w 2002 r.)

* * * – obraz na szkle – wym. 37×55 cm.
(wyróżnienie w 2002 r.)

  • Leokadia Pasek
  • Urszula Pawlak

“Jan Kochanowski” – gobelin – wym. 46×54 cm
(Nagroda firmy BRAT-MET w 2006 r.)

“Jan Kochanowski” – gobelin – wym. 65×102 cm.
(I nagroda w 2008)

  • Zdzisława Piasek

“Imieniny Pana Jana” – ceramika – średnica 14 cm.
(I nagroda w 2001 r.)

  • Grażyna Pyrgiel

“Zwierciadło dla …” – technika mieszana – wym. 60×80 cm. (2 szt.)
(Nagroda Specjalna Wojewody Mazowieckiego w 2006 r.)

  • Elżbieta Izolda Raczkowska

“Krajobraz” – olej, płótno – wym. 82×62 cm

“Zwoleń 5” – olej, płótno – wym. 68×53

  • Henryk Sarna
  • Dariusz Stelmach

“Uploteczki” – olej, płótno – wym. 60×50 cm
II nagroda w 2000 roku

  • Leokadia Styś

“Metaforyczny wizerunek przedwcześnie zmarłej Urszulki” – olej, płyta – wym. 43×52 cm
(III nagroda w 2004 r.)

  • Grzegorz Szewczyk

“Szlachetne zdrowie” – rzeźba
Nagroda Domu Kultury w Zwoleniu w 2006 r.

  • Piotr Szewczyk

“Muzeum Jana Kochanowskiego w Czarnolesie” – olej, płótno – wym. 79×62 cm.
(wyróżnienie w 2003 r.)


“Portret znaczków pocztowych z Janem Kochanowskim” – technika mieszana – wym. 50×70 cm (3 szt.)
(wyróżnienie w 2006 r.)

  • Jan Szułkiewicz

“Lipa Czarnoleska” – pastel – wym. 24×31 cm
(nagroda w 2001 r.)

  • Tomasz Wróblewski

“Człowiek renesansu” – technika mieszana – wym. 70×50 cm.
(I nagroda w 2004 r.)

2. photographic exhibition of landscape paintings „Ziemia Jana Kochanowskiego w Fotografii”

The exhibition is a photographic plein air aftermath of the same name, which was one of the events of the celebration of “Days of Jan Kochanowski and ‘Nameday of Mr Jan” – Zwolen, 2007. The participants of the plein-air were  photographers united in the National Association of Photoclub in Poland from all over the country. Artists photographed places connected with the life and work of Jan Kochanowski. Sycyna – the birthplace of the poet, Czarnolas – where he lived and worked and Zwolen – burial place of the poet and his family

3. Post-contest photography exhibition “PHOTO SUMMER”

The exhibition is the aftermath of the eight edition of the „PHOTO – SUMMER” contest, organized by the Culture Centre in Zwolen. Within the contest, works are sent by the authors from all over the country. The awarded and highlighted works become the property of the organizer. At the moment Culture Centre owns about 50 color photos and black and white  photos in formats of 15 x 20 cm and 20 x 30 cm

4. Post-contest exhibition of multimedia “Digital eye”
Culture Centre in Zwolen owns post-contest multimedia exhibition entitled “Digital eye”. Multimedia show consists of 120 works by 37 authors from the whole Poland; it is a new form  aiming at promoting and restoring photos using digital recording.

5. The exhibition has several dozens of works in the format 46 x 32 cm. Photo shows the beauty of the landscape and picturesque buildings of which the years of glory have been gone long time ago, and castles: in Krasiczyn, Old Konstantynov, Latyczov, Mezhbizh, Ogrodzieniec, Teczyn, Drzewica, Bodzentyn, Janowiec, Sandomierz, Town Hall in Zamosc,  synagogue in Lesko where  Galicia Jewish Museum and Art Gallery Bieszczady are placed now. Moreover, photography also presents the architecture of Lviv- Rynek Square, Black Kamenica, Chapel of the Three Kings, Korniak Tower, Italian Church  – these are just some landmarks retained in the frame by the photographer, who tells us that the architecture of the Renaissance reached as far as Ukraine. Equally interesting  castle in Ostrog and church in Miedzyrzecze Ostrogski are presented.

6. Culture Centre in Zvolen was the organizer of the Open Air Photographic Exhibition called „Nocne wędrówki ścieżkami Jana Kochanowskiego”which took place in the night  of the 10-11th of June , 2011. That project involved artists, photographers and people from the regions: Zwolen, Radom, Kozienice and Lipsk for whom photography is  passion. Open Air event took place in towns associated with the life and work of Jan Kochanowski: Zwolen, Sycyna, Czarnolas, Jasien Solecki, Policzno, Grodek. The main objective was to organize an open air landscape paintings exhibitions, where photographic works of the participants selected by the organizer were presented. The opening of the exhibition was held on the 24th of June (Friday) at the Gallery of Photography and Visual Arts Centre in Zwolen in the framework of the cultural event titled “XXXII Nameday of Mr. Jan” – Zwolen, 2011. The exhibition consists of 62 photographs in the format of 30 x 40.

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